Pecinan Ketandan Village

Talking about Chinese ethnic in Jogja always relates to Ketandan Village. Ketandan is a village name which located in Gondomana sub-district, Malioboro precisely in the north of Beringharjo Market (Pasar Beringharjo). Until now, Ketandan becomes one of trading centers in Yogyakarta. Besides as the trading center, Ketandan saves unique history of Chinese ethnic in Yogyakarta.

The founding history of Ketandan Village is inseparable from the presence of Chinese ethnic as one of the drivers of the economy in Jogja. Chinese ethnicity in the city of Yogyakarta itself began to be recognized since the reign of Sultan Hamengkubowono VII, which was around the 19th century AD with the establishment of the Chinese community in Ketandan which was the center of Chinatown settlements in the Dutch era.

Ketandan itself came from the word Tondo which was an expression for tax-pulling officials or Tondo Officials whom the Sultan gave directed authority to Ethnic Chinese. Starting from this, it was known that Chinese ethnicity played an important role in the development of history and culture of Yogyakarta.

In terms of architecture, some buildings in Ketandan village have undergone many changes. Even so, a number of ancient buildings with a blend of Chinese, European and Javanese architectural styles can also be found. One characteristic of ancient Chinese homes is the shape of a curved roof. It is different from the roof style of a traditional Javanese house or a symmetrical, spiky modern house. Usually the building is shaped elongated to the rear with the front used as a shop, while the back is a place to live.

Until now, the Ketandan area is still inhabited by many Chinese. Generally, they work as traders. The majority of businesses involved are selling jewelry, especially gold and gems. However long before that, many Chinese opened a grocery store business, a pook shop, and a traditional herbal medicine shop. Until the late 1950s, they switched business to gold shop almost 90 percents .


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