Prambanan Teletubbies Hill

The Prambanan area have many choices of tourism objects, such as Prambanan Temple, Ijo Temple, Tebing Breksi, and the other one just inaugurated in 2017 is the Teletubbies Hill. Unlike Teletubbies hill of Abang Temple, Teletubbies Hill here is a hill where tourists can see the scenery of the dome house of Teletubbies Village from the top of the hill.

In addition, the tourists can enjoy the beauty of the countryside and the unique dome house from the top of the existing viewing post. This place is also a pleasant place to spend the evening while enjoying the sunset panorama. Teletubbies Hill can also be the right place for children to play around with a large park. While keeping children playing, parents can sit back and relax in the gazebo here.

Teletubbies Hill itself is a supporting facility as a complement to the tourist attraction of Dome Houses or Teletubbies Village. It is expected that in the future supporting facilities will be more equipped and accessible to the location immediately.

The location of Domes View Teletubies Hill is in the Domes House Tourism Village, precisely in Nglepen Hamlet, Sumberharjo Village, Prambanan, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta. The distance of the teletubbies hill from Yogyakarta city is around 21 km. There are two routes to Teletubbies Hill.The first one is going through the paved road to the right before entering Domes Tourism Village. the second one is through the road beside the domes house.


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