Traveling to A Thousand Stone of Songgo Langit Bantul, the Sensation Seems to Be in a Fairyland

New tourist destination in Yogyakarta always appears, various alternative tourism object options spread out in this Gudeg city.

One of the trending on social media is A Thousand Stones of Songgo Langit

It is located in Sukorame Mangunan Hamlet, Dlingo, Bantul, A Thousand Stones of Songgo Langit is a tourist destination with a natural panorama of pine forests and unique view that is interesting to take photos in it.

According to Ipung Purwoharsono as a Head of the Notowono cooperative, these tourist attractions have been managed since 2016.

“In 2016, the gazebo and a wooden bridge were built in this place, and not many visitors came to this place like these days,” said Ipung.

He added that the Thousand Stones of Songgo Langit was just starting to be crowded with visitors and the stalls were actively operating in March 2017.

Ambience-ambience untuk spot berfoto baru jadi pada maret 2017 kemarin, Ambience seperti rumah Hobit, rumah Kukusan serta rumah Seribu Kayu Negeri Dongeng, yang menjadikan tempat ini ramai dan memiliki daya tarik para pengunjung.

“The ambience for the new photo spot started in March 2017. Yesterday, Ambience like the Hobit house, the Kukusan House and Thousand-Tale Wood Land House, which made this place crowded and had the attraction to the visitors.

The new tourist attractions which are still under surveillance of the Notowono cooperative, are managed by the surrounding community, namely Sukorame hamlet community.

Even so, a large and comfortable parking area is the Bantuan Keuangan Khusus (Special Financial Aid) from Governor DIY which fully supports the existence of the Thousand Stone of Songgo Langit tourist attractions.

According to Ipung, it was started to attract many visitors since on March 2017. this place has been cooperating with Forestry Office DIY since in 31 January 2017.


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