White Sand that is spread wide with coral rocks keeping on the right and left side of Watu Kodok Beach is a characteristic of this beach. The waves becomes a loyal partner of the beauty of this beach. Watu Kodok or Katak Batu is a beach parallel to the beaches of Baron, Kukup, and Krakal. The beauty of this beach is also interesting like other beaches that already have popular.

White sand and rocky hills become the icon of this beach. Unluckily, the entrance is not accessible to large types of transportation. However, for those who want to feel the beauty of this beach is not an obstacle to enjoy it.

As a new beach, this beach should be managed by respecting the balance of nature and not over-exploiting it. The uniqueness that exists on this beach is the people around it utilizing seaweed for personal consumption with wise processing methods base on natural rules.

Access to the Kodok Beach can through Yogyakarta route to the center of Wonosari then continue to follow the route towards Baron Beach. After that, enter the Baron Beach gate and turn right following the road that leads to Indrayanti Beach. To enter this beach there is a signboard towards the Kodok Beach on the roadside.


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