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Nowadays, lots of social media post information about the new tourism destination in Yogyakarta, and one of them is Mangunan Pine Forest (Hutan Pinus Mangunan). This tourist object becomes a favorite place because usually its scenery only finds outside the country. The place is appropriate for vocation or taking pictures.

Mangunan Pine Forest located in the RPH (Forest Management Resort) in Mangunan. This pine forest covered with Merkusii pine. The location is in line with the tombs of the Imogiri kings that make the people call it as Imogiri Pine Forest although it is not located in the Imogiri region administratively.

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In this forest, there are other types of trees planted such as acacia, candlenut, mahogany, and eucalyptus. The atmosphere of the pine forest attracts tourist who wants to relax from their daily activities. In this area, there also Bengkung water springs that attract pilgrims. Local people believe that Bengkung water springs used as an ascetic place of Sultan Agung Hanyakrakusuma.

The scenery of Mangunan Pine Forest is similar to the forest in Twilight Movie that becomes a favorite place for taking pictures. Besides that, this place also used to take pre-wedding photos. This tourism object also equipped with an art stage with a long chair lined up in front of it.

Photo By @abdi_ma29

To get to Mangunan Pine Forest, you can take the direction towards the Mangunan Fruit Farm. There is T-junction before arrived in the fruit garden, and then you should take the road to Pathuk. Then, follow the road and Mangunan Pine Forest is in your right.


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