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Affandi is one of the Indonesian pride in the field of world painting. His artworks are able to be one of the streams of paint that were followed by young painters of the world. The man who is familiar with Sarong as his fashion was born with the name Affandi Koesoema. He is a painter with his expressionist style. In the 1950s, he held single exhibitions in India, Britain, Europe and the United States. His work recorded more than two thousand paintings. His dedication to the world of painting made Katrikas father get awards in the world of painting. Grand Maestro from Florence, Italy is his title. In 1977, he receives a Peace Prize award from International Dag Hammershjoed. He awarded as a member of the Central Committee of the Diplomatic Academy of Peace PAX MUNDI at Castello San Marzano Florence in Italy. Besides that, in Indonesia, he received several Bintang Jasa Utama awards awarded by the Indonesian Government in 1978. He also was appointed as a member of the ISI Trustees Council (Indonesian Art Institute) in Yogyakarta.

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You can enjoy his works in art painting directly in the Affandi Museum. Besides that, this museum also displays his activities outside the world of art painting and his transportation. In this museum, there are other painters artworks. The museum divided into four galleries with contents and arrangements that have different characteristics.

Visiting time: Monday – Saturday at 09.00 -16.00 (in fasting month open until 3:00 p.m), Sunday and another national holiday, Affandi Museum only opens with special requests.


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