Ngrenehan Beach, located in Kanigoro Village, Saptosari Sub-district, Gunungkidul Regency, DIY. Located about 30km from Wonosari or about 60km from downtown Jogja.

There are still not many people who know about the existence of this beach, because it is hidden away, passing a small, winding and wavy road, and there is still no means of transportation that leads directly to the location.

It is the same with Depok Beach in Bantul Regency, you can also enjoy the seafood menu. On Ngrenehan Beach there is also a Fish Auction Place, so you can immediately buy various fresh seafood. For those of you who don’t want to cook by yourself, there are also food stalls that provide various seafood products as well. No wonder, because around this beach there is a fishing village.

While waiting for the cuisine to cook, you can enjoy the beauty of this beach, playing in the white sand, enjoying the waves crashing into the reef to fishing on the rocks. Besides that, you can enjoy this beach from a height, which is from a hill next to this beach.

The location to Ngrenehan Beach, we can take the route from Yogyakarta to Wonosari, upon arrival in the Gading field, turn the direction of Playen, Paliyan, then continue to Trowono.

The Paliyan-Trowono route is a very interesting route for explorer enthusiasts. This route we pass through the Sodong Forest with up and down streets and natural panoramas. Weirdly, sometimes there are monkeys crossing the road.

To make it easy to reach these two beaches, we follow a signpost to Ngrenehan Beach. It passes through the spring of Namberan Trowono, then continues at Kanigoro, Saptosari. Thereafter, there is a T-junction with a signpost: to the right of Ngobaran Beach, and to the left of Ngrenehan Beach. Follow those signs, and you will arrive at this exotic beach.


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