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The South Coast region of Gunung Kidul widely known to have unique beauty ranging from the west to east and one of them is Pok Tunggal Beach. Pok Tunggal is a sloping beach with white sand that offers a variety of beauty for the tourist.

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Puspita, one of the managers of Pok Tunggal Beach said that this beach began to accesses for the tourist since May 2012. It takes 2 hours from the city of Yogyakarta. It takes 2 hours from the city of Yogyakarta. The initial concept is a private beach, so the tourist can enjoy sunset and sunrise. Meanwhile, with its development, this beach is crowded with the tourists who want to enjoy the natural panorama and spend the night., said Puspita. Local people give the name Pok Tunggal because there is a big tree that standing firmly in this area until now. The tree becomes a unique characteristic of this beach. She also said that Pok Tunggal is a sloping beach with white sand that can use for beach sports activities such as volleyball, cliff climbing, enjoy the sunset, romantic beachside dinners, grilled seafood parties or staying at the beach with tents, and many more. The managers deliberately not build a special place with the aim that tourists who spend the night only use tend and blend with nature.

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The price of staying at Pok Tunggal Beach is IDR 200,000/packs including welcome drink, dinner, breakfast, drink, snack, tend, freshwater, toilet, parking, security and tour guide. The route to reach this beach is narrow, winding and rocky that pumped adrenaline. Meanwhile, there are a number of facilities on this beach such as mosque, toilet, and food stalls managed by local people. We always urge the visitors to dispose of garbage in plastic bags that we have provided. We really maintain the cleanliness of this beach. So, it does not damage the scenery and unspoiled environment., she concluded.


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