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Goat satay is a menu that is easy to find anywhere and includes a million people menu. For you who want to eat satay with a different way, just came to taste Sate Klathak Pak Pong in Imogiri, Bantul district.

This satay offers difference taste although it only uses salt and pepper for seasoning. Besides that, Pak Pong uses different skewers to grill the meat. He uses bicycle spokes as skewers. He believes that the use of iron skewers to substitute for bamboo skewers will result in evenly-cooked goat meat as iron is known as a good heat conductor. The portion that served to customers makes this satay Klathak difference from the others. One portion of Satay Klathak only consists of 2 skewers. The size of the pieces is large makes it is enough as a side dish for a plate of rice.

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Location of Sate Klathak Pak Pong is at Sultan Agung Stadium Street (Imogiri Timur Street Km.7, Wonokromo), Bantul district, Yogyakarta. From the crossroad in Imogiri Timur Street Km.7, we need to turn toward the west for about 500 meters, and the restaurant is in the right. After arriving at this place, we have to queue because the taste of this satay is known very delicious. The customers usually come with their family or friends make one order consists of some portions serving of dish.

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This restaurant has a large parking area for the customers who came by car, motorcycle or bus. The security level has also guaranteed by some security personnel.

Besides Satay Klathak, Pak Pong also provides other menus such as ordinary goat satay and tongseng. Meanwhile, for the beverage, there are many choices whether it’s warm or cold. We need to pay IDR 12,000,- for each portion of Satay Klathak.


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