Magnificent Panorama and Exotic Merapi Sunset in Embung Tambakboyo

Yogyakarta has several spots to enjoy such an exotic sunset and sunrise panorama. Natural panorama which gives the sunset excotic always becomes the main destinationn for tourists during the trip to Yogyakarta.

One of fascinating spots to enjoy a beautiful sunset is in Embung (retention basin) Tambakboyo.

Most of citizens in Yogyakarta, they already know this retention basin that is located in Tambakboyo Hamlet, Mancasan, Condongcatur, Depok Sleman.

This Embung (retention basin) with an area of about 7.8 hectares, has a beautiful and fascinating natural panorama. It also has a retention basin volume of 400,000 cubic meters.

In the afternoon the Embung Tambakboyo situation is incredibly beautiful. Beside that, it has many people who use this place to exercises.

The afternoon sun is the beginning to turn illuminating of the embung sides and water surface, illuminating the light from the water surface that lines beautifully.

In addition, there are also for fisher activity. It is also an interesting scene, the fishers who sit on the edge of the embung can be such an interesting photo for photography lovers.

The hawkers’ complaisant at the edge of the embung can be a fun talks for visitors.

While waiting for the sunset in a bright afternoon, the visitors can enjoy Mount Merapi panorama in north side of the embung.

Thin smoke coming out of the Mount Merapi seemed to show that the volcano is still active.

Some visitors who come to the Embung Tambakboyo in the afternoon has a purpose to fishing and enjoying the sunset. As what Hardi did in this place, he came at 4 P.M. just for fishing.

“if the sun is bright, I used to come at four, well just for releasing my exhaustion after works,” said Hardi.

He was also told that he was fishing until at nine P.M., if the weather was bright.

It is time to the anticipated thing right at 5:15 A.M, the sun turns reddish orange, an orange tinge begins to glow in a clear sky. The exotic sunset looks magnificent on the west.

Accompanied by Sriti birds flies beautifully in the embung surface, making the afternoon nuance looks amazing.

People also start to take a rest from their activities. They start to sit and relax on the edge of the embung and enjoy how the magnificent sun starts to disappear in the afternoon.

The Eembung Tambakboyo and its sunset become the exotic nature panorama to forget all the daily activity for a moment and to enjoy the afternoon nuance in Yogyakarta.


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