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Initially, Tebing Breksi is an ordinary limestone hill formed by volcanic ash deposits from Nglangeran volcano. Villagers around the mountain usually did mining activities since many years ago and became a source for their livelihood.

After research in 2014, a rare type of tuff rock found in Tebing Breksi. Finally, the government issued a regulation that people can no longer perform any mining activities in this place because Tebing Breksi is a cultural heritage. Afterward, the local people have an idea to make Tebing Breksi became a tourist attraction.

The idea of the name “Breksi” was taken from the tourist objects in Bandung and Bali that look similar to this cliff. That’s why the cliff was namely Tebing Breksi. This tourism objects that inaugurated by Sultan on May 30, 2015, is fairly new. However, with the promotions, Tebing Breksi became one of the tourist objects targeted by tourists when visiting Jogja.

Tebing Breksi looks like a mining area. However, with various ideas and creativity from the villages, this place looks more beautiful. You can see various carvings that decorate in each of the chalk walls. There also stone stairs on the eastern side to give easy access to the top for tourists. Besides that, the managers built the Tlatar Seneng, an amphitheater frequently used for gathering and national events with limestone rocks as the background. At a glance, this stage is similar to the Colosseum in Rome.

Most of the tourist is photography lover and people who only want to capture the moment at Tebing Breksi. The beautiful carving that difference from other attraction in Jogja makes Tebing Breksi is a wonderful place for taking pre-wedding photos. From the top of Tebing Breksi, you can see three main temples of Prambanan Temple, Barong Temple, Sojiwan, Mount Merapi and Yogyakarta city. Besides that, you can enjoy the sunset in the dusk.

The route to the Tebing Breksi is easy to reach. The location to Tebing Breksi is still in one area with Ijo Temple, it only 1 km. The tourist only needs to follow the route to go to Tebing Breksi.

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