Indonesia is interesting country to visit. One of the famous cities is Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta is located in the middle of Java Island, between West Java and Central Java. Yogyakarta is claimed as special region because there is still a kingdom which existed until now. Yogyakarta is also interesting to visit because there are a lot of famous tourism objects. Before foreigners going to Bali, they must be planned to go to Yogyakarta.

For foreigners who ever been to Yogyakarta, they must have been to Prambanan Temple, Parangtritis beach, Kaliurang and Kaliadem in Merapi Volcano. Therefore, to make foreigners want to go to Yogyakarta for second time, Yogyakarta should introduce more and other tourism object that could be visitors destination.

Recently, most teenagers go to Imogiri district which located in south of Yogyakarta and Kulonprogo which located in east of Yogyakarta. Both of new tourism objects become viral right now because those places have their own anxiety. Some teenager goes to Imogiri to visit pine forest. The pine forest is interesting place because the atmosphere of pine forest could make the visitor feel like in other country such as Japan and South Korea. For some people who interesting in Photography, pine forest could be a right destination to do photography.

Kulonprogo, regency in the east of Yogyakarta, has some famous tourism object such as Waduk Sermo, Sendangsono and also the newest, Kali biru. Etymologically, kali means river and biru means blue. The newest tourism object could be named as kali biru because sometimes, the color of the river could be blue. It will spend one and half hours from downtown of Yogyakarta. People go to this tourism object to see the beautiful of the natural viewer where there is a blue river surrounded by hills grown by the green of plant. Kali biru is a destination for some couple of teenagers to enjoy the viewer because the place is really nice and romantic.

By : Yohana


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