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Banyu means water, meanwhile, mili means flowing. Therefore, the free translation from Banyu Mili is a restaurant with flowing water around it. This restaurant located in Jl. Godean km. 4,5, Kwarasan, Yogyakarta. The existence of Banyu Mili Resto in amid the crowded city of Yogyakarta is like an oasis in the middle of the desert. This is because the location of Banyu Mili Restaurant is very spacious with swimming pools, and various kinds of water ride inside. Besides that, there is an artificial lake that is quite large with saung-saung (huts) on several sides of the lake. Therefore, this restaurant called “Culinary Oase in the Middle of the City”.

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Usually, when visiting Banyu Mili Restaurant, the children are more like playing in the water rides. Meanwhile, the adults are like to sitting relaxed in the saung near the pool while tasting the food. The menu provides in this restaurant ranging from various shrimp dishes, crabs, gurameh (carp fish), and squid. Another menu equally tempting is fried chicken, vegetables, fried rice, various kind of fresh chili sauce and drinks. The tourists can enjoy the dishes in the desired places such as on the edge of the pool, lesehan, at the restaurant tables and chair, or in the gazebo of the artificial lake.

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Furthermore, we can go fishing in the artificial lake to enjoy the atmosphere of this restaurant for a longer time. Banyu Mili Restaurant provides a number of facilities that appropriate for family recreation, community event, eat together during the fasting month or other meetings. In this place, there is also a meeting room with a capacity of 200 people that is suitable for meetings, seminars, and so on. A number of the facilities that provided in Banyu Mili Restaurant are:

  1. Swimming pool.

Banyumili country Club is equipped by the wide hygienic pool with an affordable price. There also provided umbrella chairs around the pool for your convenience.

  1. Water Byur

Water Byur is a water ride that definitely makes the children interested in playing in this place. This water ride still integrated with the pool.

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3. The artificial lake and Fishing pond

In Banyumili restaurant there is a wide artificial lake with an island in the middle of the lake. Besides that, there are also 8 gubug-gubug on the edge of the lake. This place is very comfortable and exciting for fishing. The atmosphere in the fishing spot is calm surrounded by beautiful trees that making you feel comfortable in this place for a long time.

  1. Restaurant room

Banyumili restaurant is able to accommodate the customers up to 500 people. The seating capacity is for 120 people, joglo for 70 people, and lesehan for 100 people. Meanwhile, for the customers who like the natural atmosphere, you can taste food while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Banyumili restaurant also provides gubug-gubug on the edge of the lake surrounded by shady trees.

  1. Meeting room

Banyumili restaurant provides a new building with a capacity of 200 people that equipped with 12 air conditioners, and beautiful lighting. Besides that, it supported by a swimming pool with beautiful scenery, and a variety of delicious food menus that will make you satisfied. This room is appropriate for the meeting, wedding, and other events.

  1. Homestay

This facility is provided for the visitors who want to spend the night in Banyumili and enjoy the night atmosphere in the city of Yogyakarta.

  1. Entertainment

Banyumili restaurant provides live music for the event that you will be held. Besides that, there also a karaoke room equipped with a big screen of LCD TV and good quality of sound.

  1. Aero-modeling

After tasting the delicious cuisine ordered, you can play Remote Control Boat and Aero Modeling at Banyumili with your family.

  1. Free-Hotspot

Banyumili provides free-hotspot as the parts of its facilities in this place. With this facility, you will not miss the latest information and always connected with your friends.

  1. Parking Area and Security

Banyumili restaurant in Yogyakarta has a wide parking area with a guaranteed security system.

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