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The existence of several Soto stalls from the Karto Wijoyo breed is one of the causes of traffic jams along the Wates road. In this area, there is one legendary Soto in Jogja known with the name Soto Kadipiro. If you come from the crossroad in Wirobrajan, you will find three Soto stall on the left and another one on the right side of the road. The forerunner to the establishment of this Soto Ayam is a stall in the north side.

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Karto Wijoyo as the founder that passed away in 1972 founded Soto Kadipiro in 1921. Furthermore, this business is managed by second-generation namely Widadi Dirji Utomo. Currently, it has several branches in the Kalasan, Sleman, Kulon Progo, and Sentolo areas.

The characteristic of this Soto is the taste that is savory and fresh. This delicacy is obtained not from food flavorings, but it through the concoction of original traditional spices processed by Karto Wijiyo.  The price for each portion is IDR 13,000 it reasonable price to the taste offered.

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In this place, there are some typical Javanese ornaments that decorate almost on all parts of the interior. Besides that, the atmosphere is like an ancient heritage building. Soto Kadipiro is open at 08.00 until it runs out. Meanwhile, there are several Soto stall on the opposite of Soto Kadipiro called Soto Kadipiro II, Kadipiro Baru, and Kadipiro Plus. Although each of the restaurants has its own values, the taste that serves is the same as Soto Kadipiro because they are the heirs of the recipe for Soto of Karto Wijoyo breed.


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