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Soto Pak Sholeh Al Barokah that better known by the name “Soto Sholeh” is a restaurant that becomes a place of subscriptions for the officials and artists from the capital city who are visiting Yogyakarta. They are Amin Rais, Gusdur, M.Nuh, Guruh Soekarno Putra, Ahmad Dhani, Mulan Jameela, and many more. The Soto stall that founded by HM. Sholeh now becomes a hereditary business. The main menu in this restaurant is Soto Sapi (beef Soto). This Soto contains rice noodle, sprouts, cabbage, carrot, leek, beef, and fried onion. The price is IDR 10,000 its reasonable price for the taste offered.

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Besides Soto, this restaurant also provides other menus namely beef soup. This soup contains sprouts, boiled cabbage, fried onion, celery, and beef. The price for a bowl of this beef soup is IDR 22,000,-. There are also many different side dishes you can choose from-fried tofu, Tempeh, pieces of beef, and crackers. Meanwhile, for the beverage, there are iced tea and iced lemon.

This restaurant located in Jl.Wirataman No.84, Tegal Rejo, Yogyakarta. Initially, Soleh founds this restaurant in 1950 and offer his Soto by walking around the village or door to door. Then in 1970, he rent a stall in Purwadiningratan. Finally, in 1982 he trades in Jl. Wirataman until now. This business is growing and has several branches including in Jl. Magelang, in front of Monumen Jogja Kembali, Jl. Adisucipto, Jl.Kaliurang Km.9,5, and Jl.Wates.

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This restaurant is open from 06.00- 15:00. Besides that, it has a large parking area and can accommodate more than 75 people.

When you visited Yogyakarta, don’t forget for tasting “Soto Sholeh” at Jl.Wirataman. This delicious beef Soto and beef soup can be your breakfast or lunch. Happy tasting.

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